post-school boredom

So. The semester is over, the year is over and I’m home. And I’m bored. So incredibly bored. I have an internship but it doesn’t start until June. I don’t have a job because of the internship. And my boy’s off in Portugal for like 3 weeks. So I literally have nothing to do and it’s driving me CRAZY.

I’m sick of being home. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by working out with  my sister but you can only exercise so many times in one day. I’ve been trying to read too but it’s not enough.

I can’t even write. I’ve been trying to finish this short story I started last year and have been working on different parts since then but I can’t bring myself to do it. I just feel stuck.

So, for my own sanity, I’ve decided to write that story here, in a less artistic/creative way. I figure I’ll just tell it in installments and maybe that will loosen me up to write what I want to. It’s nonfiction but I think it’s interesting (but that just could be because it’s about me and we’re a little self-centered soo…).

It’s kinda about my first year at college and beyond: friendships, new experiences, fake-ness(that’s not really a word but I couldn’t think of the actual word for it), and boys of course. I’ll try not to just rant about myself and my life. But if I do, I don’t really care because it’s for my own sanity.

So it’s gonna be in installments, like little chapters. I’ll try to post everyday but I’ll probably do other things in between (like new photos I take now that I have time etc.). I’ll probably do a few posts on fitness and health junk cause my sister’s got me on this healthy kick so I’ll probably talk about how that’s going.

Anyway things are gonna get random and hopefully fun.

Imma try to post the first installment tomorrow.



Relay for Life

So one of the other projects I’ve been really busy with the past few weeks was making a video for Rider’s Relay for Life. If you don’t know what relay is, it’s a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The idea is that groups sign up as teams. The event is all night and teams walk together on a track and also participate in other fun activities all night long. One person from your team is supposed to always be walking on the track to represent that cancer never sleeps.

So I’m in this acappella singing group The Rider Vibes and we usually sing at Relay which is really cool. Anyway, our president of Vibes, Whitney knows that I do video stuff cause I did a news package on the vibes last year(oh hey you should watch that here!) Here roommate is the event chair for Relay which means she basically runs the whole thing. Well she wanted to so a video this year and was talking to Whitney about it who was all like “hey I know a girl who can help us!” and that’s where I come in.

I was so excited to work on this and it really meant a lot to me. My grandfather died of brain cancer and my grandmother is currently battling uterine cancer. And, even though I never met them, my great grandfather, two great aunts, and great uncle all had cancer as well (which means if I don’t die of something else first I’m probably gonna have the big C as well).

Anyway, the idea of the video is to show how many people are affected by cancer. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t have a connection or personal experience with cancer. We also wanted to show that cancer never stops; it’s always here.

I enjoyed working on this and helping out such a great cause. I hope you enjoy!


Oh hello there….

Oh hello there. It’s been awhile. And why? Well let me tell you what I’ve been doing:


1. Making another blog– Originally this blog was supposed to be an awesome professional portfolio to use for internship/job applications…but that didn’t really happen. It turned more into me talking about the stories behind all my projects and other life things because, well, who doesn’t like to talk about themselves? So I decided to make another blog that is actually my portfolio, which you can all check out here: Do it. So I’ve decided to keep posting creative things and life things here, which imma do more often starting today….get excited.


2. Applying for internships– summer is almost here which means it’s time for another internship! I’ve applied to so many I really have lost count. I’m still applying too. fingers crossed….


3. Looking for a place to live– So my roommate and I have decided to move off campus for next year. We’re both just sick of living here and eating the terrible food here. So I’ve been spending a lot of time researching and trying to secure a place for us to live. So far we haven’t had much luck….no one’s getting back to me!! waa. So I’m pretty stressed about this but I’m sure we’ll find something soon(I hope….?)

annnnd of course doing all my homework and projects and studying and everything else I do. So I have some ideas of the things I want to post on here and I’m pretty excited…hope you are too!


Elbow Scars

It’s official. It’s been 2 and 1/2 months since my elbow surgery. AND I only have a week left of physical therapy! YAY! Since I’ve made so much progress I decided to take some pics of my scars. This was way easier said than done. The largest (most badass if I do say so myself) scar is on the the point of my right handed, I can’t even see it myself without a mirror. And, I’m right handed. There was a lot of camera juggling and fooling around with the tri-pod I got fro Christmas. There are also a few tiny scars on that arm starting at my wrist and going down my arm(it looks like I’m a depressed teenager). These were easier to photograph than the elbow but they still were a little tricky because i didn’t have my right hand and because they’re tiny. Anyway…enjoy! These photos are unedited and were taken in my dorm room using the natural light from the windows.

The wrist scars. They took a ligament out of my wrist (that apparently is just extra, you don’t need it in your wrist) and placed it in my elbow in order to stabilize it.

The scars are really subtle here(which is why I like this one so much!)

Ok so you can’t see my scars here…I just thought the picture was cool!

Elbow scar. Subtle and far away.

A little closer…

so happy cause my elbow’s almost all better!!

Backstage Story

I work on a music show at my school’s TV studio called Backstage story. Previous semesters I was responsible for getting and coordinating bands to come in to the studio to do performances and interviews(and sometimes I interviewed them). This semester I took on some more responsibilities, one of them being writing, hosting, and editing my own segment…yay! I decided to do metal news since it’s my favorite and I know the most about it. Last week we shot the first episode and edited it and put it together for this week.  When i shot the segment, NONE of the teleprompters in the studio were working. So I just had to wing it. Which is why I’m kind of awkward and stumble over my words and pause a lot. But I think the editing went well. The show isn’t the best produced or the highest quality but it’s fun. My segment starts around 9 minutes in. Enjoy!

College Grad Unemployment Rates

Whenever they ask me to I go out and shoot/edit videos for The Rider News, the campus newspaper for their website and youtube channel. I just finished one where I went around campus and asked junior and senior students how they felt about the economy and unemployment rates of recent college grads. Scary stuff. It was basically like “let’s talk about and then make a video about Aimee’s greatest fears.” Yay! Seriously though, I’m terrified of graduating.  Although it was really depressing and scary to talk about this stuff and to hear what other students had to say, I’m happy with the way the video came out and the newspaper liked it and in the end that’s what matters. Enjoy!



the video is also featured on the website: 

Graveyard Fun

Last semester I did an internship at the Princeton University Press and everyday that I drove there I passed this really old and awesome looking cemetery. Everyday I passed it I wanted to go there and take pictures. I was supposed to do this album art project with my sister for this band (she was gonna model, I was gonna take pics, and then she was going to alter/edit the photos on photoshop and other graphic design things) and that’s where I wanted to take the photos. However, that project fell through (the band changed their mind) so I never did take photos there. Well it was so nice out this weekend that I wanted to finally go there and take some pictures. I was busy though and get there later than I wanted so there wasn’t a lot of light. BUT the place is even cooler than I thought..there are so many cool things and REALLY old things too(there was a gravestone from 1795). Anyway I got a few shots but I definitely wanna go back there during the day sometime, and maybe bring my sister or someone else to model for me. These pictures are not edited as usual. Enjoy!